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About THA - The HomeOwners' Advisor in Austin, TX

About THA

Learn more about The HomeOwners' Advisor (THA) how the process works...

THA – serving Austin, TX – Let’s work together to make your construction projects run more smoothly.

Call us – (512) 766-4507

The Homeowners’ Advisor is a service for home or business owners that incorporates knowledge, skill, and experience into a consulting company that can help you achieve the best outcome for your construction project – in terms of both the finished product, and the journey to get there. We are with you, and advocate for you from concept to completion. There’s no reason we can’t have a smooth ride and perhaps a bit of fun, creating something functional and beautiful!

THA has performed work as a general contractor, but this is not a contractor service… We have also designed and engineered projects, and performed carpentry, woodworking, and all aspects of building construction, but will not do so in this context. Yes, we have all of that expertise and more – based on 35 years of performing high-end work in the industry, and we will put them to work for you in a new way.

Using our extensive experience, what we will do, is work exclusively for you – the residential or commercial property owner. We will advise you, and advocate on your behalf to help you get what you really want out of your investment, and keep an eye on the progress as well, alerting you to potential problems, conflicts, and contingencies that possibly no one saw coming. And the good news is that we have no agenda but yours. Because THA charges by the hour, and is obliged only to you, we have no stake in putting our personal stamp on an exceptional design, or in how much profit we’ll be taking home, or anything that doesn’t represent your priorities. We can objectively help you decide what you want, what’s in your best interest, and how to make that happen for the best price. And the better news is that this can usually be accomplished in just a few hours a week. If you’re considering remodeling, and want to know more about this innovative way of getting exactly what you want, email us or call us and we’ll have a chat.


THA, Austin TX – The Homeowners’ Advisor – Always Acts in Your Interest

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