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Anderson Home Remodeling Project - Benny Rowe, THA

Anderson Residence in Austin, Texas

Adding Convenience to Charming

John and Shelley Anderson decided to make improvements on their west Austin home, to create more space and enhance the ambiance as well. To get started, they employed prominent architect Sinclair Black to design and oversee the work. As well, they hired my company Associated Woodworking as the general contractors. The home remodeling plan; was to add on a sun room/screened-in porch adjacent to the kitchen/dining area, as well as replace all of the cabinets and fixtures in the kitchen itself. The sun room looked out over the large back yard, and we provided terraced landscaping there as well. Additionally, we added bookcases and generally upgraded the other rooms of the house, as well as all systems infrastructure. To begin, and after obtaining all permits and assembling our team, we demolished the exterior wall of the kitchen and existing porch, and installed a beam to carry the roof load. After installing a temporary security closure, we poured a new concrete foundation for the new addition. While working on the framing for the sun room, we simultaneously demolished the existing kitchen walls and began work on the new cabinets in our shop.

As the work progressed, our subcontractors in the trades worked together with our carpenters and supervisors to build the plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and other infrastructure to bring the 1940s structure into a modern existence.

Our clients selected white oak to match the existing wood floors for the cabinets, and for the floor of the sun room, Saltillo tile. The porch was screened with an outside patio and access to the yard integrated into the terraced landscaping.

When we finished, our clients were quite happy with the functionality, as well as the design statement made with this clever solution to working with an older structure.

THA Worked Wonders with the Anderson Residence and Can Work Wonders With Your Project Too!

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