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Benny Rowe | The HomeOwners' Advocate | THA

My Story (or at least part of it)

Where I Come From…


I started as a carpenter’s helper, mostly doing remodeling jobs in Dallas, TX in 1972. Soon though, I moved to Houston and began work on a crew framing townhomes. Of course it was not long before my friends and their friends began to ask me for help and advice on little honey-dos around their homes and businesses, and I began to familiarize myself with the overall building process – so I could help. As time went on, I gained an affinity for trim carpentry, while maintaining my interest and occupation in the structural aspect.

Eventually, I became acquainted with, and somewhat proficient in all of the aspects of the other trades as well as carpentry.

For a time I left new construction, and concentrated on renovation, working both as an employee for remodelers, and on my own as a carpenter (directly for a client). As I undertook more and more diverse work for myself I realized that my customers could benefit from my knowledge of other trades, so I began to try to facilitate my jobs by providing electricians, plumbers, mechanical, and other skills as well as carpentry. I was also occasionally called on to directly perform such functions on some of the smaller undertakings, and so learned about those aspects of contracting in addition to performing the carpentry – which was my primary focus.

In time, as I began to lean more toward the finish end of carpentry, I opened a millwork shop with 2 associates, and we provided much high end product as cabinet and furniture makers and architectural woodworkers, in addition to general contracting.

While working in this capacity as a contractor and woodworker, with up to 25 employees, I became quite familiar with all aspects of the construction business from an overall supervisory standpoint to go along with providing design assistance and direct carpentry and millwork services.

I left the relatively large-scale business approach to return to individual contracting on a smaller model in about 1995. Since then I’ve contracted jobs from small to medium scale (repairs, renovations and room & other additions).

My contractor business, Flint Hill Construction, was located in Austin – doing both new work and renovations, residential and commercial building in the major Texas cities. I left the construction business in 2013 to pursue other interests.

With those successfully under control, I realized there was an opportunity for me to return to the business I know so well – but in a different capacity from anything I’d done before. In fact it will be a new specialty altogether: that of an advocate for homeowners. Having experienced this operation from every side, and knowing the ins & outs, the bridges and pitfalls one must cross and avoid to have a successful outcome to a project – I’m quite certain I can help.  You can visit my FAQ page here for general info about how I work.

Some of My Work

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