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Benny Rowe | Construction Consultant & Advocate | THA

THA Consultant - Benny Rowe

Construction Consultant & Advocate

My Story

(in short)

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In my construction career, I have worn a number of hats. As a framing carpenter, a finish carpenter, a cabinet and furniture maker, a site supervisor, a designer, and a general contractor among others. The list below gives you an idea of what I’ve done, but the one thing that encompasses them all, of which I’m most proud, and yet is understated, is that of facilitator. Getting the job done right, on time, and in budget are always the primary goals. I am happy to be your Austin, TX construction consultant & advocate for residential and commercial construction projects.

My Skills – What I’ve Done

As a tradesman:
As a non-licensed practitioner:
  • Design and engineering

  • Minor electrical

  • Minor Plumbing

  • Minor Mechanical

  • Landscape and hardscape

  • Communications infrastructure

  • Contracts

  • Mediation

As a job-site supervisor, and general contractor:
  • Client consultation

  • Bid jobs

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Assemble a team

  • Interpreting and drawing plans

  • Develop a schedule and timeline for completion

  • Direct supervision of on and off-site work

  • Coordination of sub-contractors

  • Troubleshoot problems – structural, design & interrelationships

  • Maintain excellent client relations

  • Close out projects

  • Offer perspective and a sense of humor.

My Education

I attended McCallum and Lanier High Schools, and The University of Texas – all in Austin, Texas

About Benny Rowe – Construction Consultant & Advocate 4.3/5 based upon 6 reviews.

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