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Jackson Home Renovation Project - Benny Rowe THA

Jackson Residence in Austin, TX

Retaining Neighborhood Character
This was a total renovation of the existing structure, as well as adding on a master bedroom suite.

The house was a 1950s era home in a middle class neighborhood in north Austin, Texas. The exterior was brick veneer over conventional wood framing with interior walls of sheetrock. The idea was to add on a master bedroom/bath suite, and to relocate the interior walls in the existing house to enhance the addition, as well as the new kitchen, den and living room plan. To accomplish this, the roof was also re-designed, resulting in the remodeled building becoming virtually a new home, while maintaining the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

Our client chose prominent Austin architect Evan Tanaguchi to design the project and my company Flint Hill Construction as the contractor.

After obtaining all necessary permits we assembled a team of subcontractors as well as our own carpenters and utility labor and began demolition.

Everything was stripped out of the building including drywall, tile, cabinets and fixtures – in essence, we started over. Existing wall were moved and removed to allow for the new configuration. A new foundation was poured for the room addition.

The new and repositioned walls were framed, a reconfigured roof was built, sheathing and (matching) brick installed, exterior trim put in place, and windows and doors mounted to complete the exterior of the structure.

On the interior we upgraded the insulation, the entire electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, and installed new drywall throughout virtually the entire house. All interior doors were replaced. The owner selected maple stile and rail flat panel cabinets with a colonial oak lacquer finish, which we provided from our in-house wood shop. Countertops were of granite. The floors were, depending on the room, either tile, wood or carpet. The master bath suite had both spa/tub and shower. One of my favorite features in the house is the vaulted ceiling in the living room for which we recognized the potential during construction, and suggested to the owner and architect – both of whom heartily embraced the idea, because it truly opened up the room.
The finishing touches were landscaping and a backyard pergola. In the end, my clients came away with essentially a new home, while retaining the character of the neighborhood and for a very reasonable cost.

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